Ask for Alternatives


When our daughter enrolled in her neighborhood elementary school when she was in Kindergarten, there was "before" and "after" school program for special needs students in an empty classroom.  As the population of the school became larger, there was no space for the kids so the program was cancelled.  The program was staffed by the then called, Bby. Association for the Mentally Handicapped (B.A.M.H.)   As a working parent, I was in a panic as I did not know how to access experienced child care workers for a special needs child.  I asked B.A.M.H. what the alternatives were and they did not have an immediate solution.  I, along with a group of parents who had special needs children enrolled in the program asked B.A.M.H. if they would put a portable day care on the site of the school.  To this day, the portable is still being used as an integrated "before" and "after" school program.

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