Alphabet soup help – service provider style (how many acryonyms can we get)


CFA, IDP, BACI … Ahhhhhhh … Lets all list all the acronyms of the service providers, then
we’ll put names and responsibilities beside them and put them in a
tree so we can have a map of the jungle. I don’t know how many of you
get confused. I’m not after answers, just the confusing parts, so
lets try to get everything listed before Kevin gets involved.

I’ll start:

BACI – Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion

CLBC – Community Living BC

IDP – Infant Development Program

MCFD — Huh?

CFA — Who?





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4 Responses to Alphabet soup help – service provider style (how many acryonyms can we get)

  1. Jennifer Baumbusch says:

    one of my favourites is SCDP which stands for Supported Child Development Program and is a must for kids and parents starting into daycare or preschool. They provide consultation as well as extra staff to support kids with special needs from infancy to school age.

  2. jamesmarian72 says:

    Thank you for sharing! I really don’t know these acronyms before. And you just gave me the answers. Thanks a lot.


  3. VelvetStrike says:

    Ahh, well you should know if you have spent any time dealing with MCFD or CLBC that its all about power.  They have a secret language that keeps outsiders like parents at arm’s length, not part of the inner circle that knows the language.  It reminds me of grade two when some of the kids discovered pig latin.  For a day or so they could be powerful because nobody knew what they were talking about and everyone wanted in.  This is nothing new.

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