Addressing a Complaint


Instead of just complaining or putting up with something you are unhappy about, make suggestions for improvement.  Our daughter was enrolled in a Bby. Parks and Recreation program for adults on Thursday evenings at her local community centre.  The activities were very inappropriate for their age and an insult to their abilities.  I made several suggestions on different types of activities they could engage in that were more suitable.  I went a step further and volunteered to do a Chinese New Year "stations approach" with them.  They went from station to station cooking, making lanterns, doing Chinese calligraphy etc.  The leaders have come on board with so many new activities as well as the participants being happier and not just filling in time.

1.  Make suggestions instead of just complaining and being unhappy

2.  If still no improvement is seen, write to the leader of the Bby. Parks and Rec. co-ordinator of Special Needs programming.

3.  If still not satisfied, write to one of the Parks commissioners.

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